Hold me to you as we dance
together tonight, hold me tight
I’ll rest my head on your shoulder
your cheek on my hair.
Keep your hands still
at the small of my back.
My arms around your neck
fingers in your hair.
In this swaying stance
love is absent but here is peace.
We are alone in this crowded place.

Are you touching my face?
Don’t kiss my lips, my cheek, my soul
I might start to believe its more than a dance;
more than just happenstance. 
Two almost strangers not strange anymore.
We’ve talked all night; our souls bared.
Now on this dance floor, we try to pretend
we’ll have more then tonight before it all ends.

About liferepressed

* I write because I don't like who I am when I stay silent. I write because I'd rather give up breathing than writing. I don't claim to be good, but I claim to try. I hope to make people think, to consider the state of their own lives. I try to write about things that matter. Not everything I write is serious, though, as laughing matters. I write and hope you will read.
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