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Lost that Feeling

*sigh* I’m having trouble enjoying Xanga lately.  There could be several reasons for this.  Let’s discuss.  Or I write and you read as the case might be. Got caught up in some micro-drama that involved a psycho (in my opinion) … Continue reading

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My Project 365:Photo 2

This is just for TheTheologiansCafe, who said he hoped to see a smiling picture before too long.  As always, Dan, your wish is my command.  😀 You can’t see my smile, but it’s there.  THIS is when I’m most happy.  … Continue reading

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My Own Project 365:Looking at Myself

I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘projects’ going around.  Some writing, some photography.  Some for 30 days. Some are once a week.  Some are once a day.  They all intrigue me and yet I couldn’t pick one to sign onto.  … Continue reading

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Home from War: Scenes from the USO

In honor of Armed Forces Day (Saturday, May 15, 2010), I thought I’d share a fairly typical night at the lounge the USO provides to service members at the airport near me.  I volunteer there as much as I can, … Continue reading

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‘Til Death Do Them Part

I never really liked that phrase.  Makes me think it’s like a wish.  That death would come and part them…is it just me?  Probably. Anyway,  on to cheerier thoughts.  Two weeks ago, my friend Michelle got married.  We’ve known each … Continue reading

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I Said Something Profound Today

“Maybe I just don’t know how to do happy.” I was talking to a friend yesterday.  Within a minutes of getting in his car,  I, for some unknown reason, blurted out some rather personal and complicated information.  He took it … Continue reading

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It’s drug, this gameof hide and seek.Lies and truth,draw me inburn my skin. It’s addicting,thinking of you.Yes and nocan I know,burn my soul. It’s painfulto pull away.Withdrawal,the need growsburn my heart. It’s useless,waiting for you.Understandingwhat you wantburns my mind.

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I’m fine,I say.You nod,believing. It’s ok,I say.You smile,forgiven. It’s good,I say.You agree,convinced. I love you,I think.You run,terrified. I need you,I know.You hide,in denial. I lie,you’re blind.I speak,you’re deaf. Lies and truth areintertwined.Don’t you see?

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It Must Be Magic

I think most people who, in general, find men attractive will also agree that  an attractive man in uniform is even finer.  I’m speaking of military uniforms, of course.  A Burger King polo and viser ain’t cutting it.  Sorry.  Volunteering … Continue reading

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